Leading company in Italy and abroad in the packaging and sale of sugar, sweeteners and starches.

Sweetness is the only one the newborn are attracted to, from the first moments of life. In all civilizations, sweet foods are part of festive rituals involving attitudes of trust and peace.

To us, Sugar is like a member of the family, a passion that we have been passing down for over three generations. Thanks to high-tech packaging systems and an efficient logistics network, we market all the granulometries of white sugar, raw cane, organic, wholemeal, powdered sugar, stevia, honey and sweeteners for all customer needs, from bulk sugar in tank to the packaging of different types of sachet.

Thanks to modern and efficient machinery, we are currently able to produce 20,000 kg of sachets and 40,000 kg of packages per day, with a fully mechanized system, from the filling of the silos to the preparation of the pallet.

The Brain: The Headquarters

Granda Zuccheri has been working since 1973 in the packaging and wholesaling in Italy and abroad of all types of sugar, sweeteners and starches.
It may seem something boring, but it is actually a creative job: it involves Designing, Inventing and always Implementing New Strategies to meet the most varied needs of the Customers.

The Shoulders: The Warehouse

Once upon a time it was the shoulders that moved bags up to 100 kg!
Today, the loading and unloading take place in a fast and automated way, also thanks to the electronic reading, that guarantees perfect traceability.
Our warehouses are currently able to store more than 5000 tons of sugar in all the packages available.

The Hands: The Packaging

Sugar is never handled directly, to ensure Absolute Hygiene.
Thanks to modern and reliable machinery, we can pack sugar in the most varied formats, from the industrial traditional bag to the 3gr sachet. Six types of sugar are used and 7 types of reels, from classic paper to transparent or metallic polythene.
The packaging system of 1 kg packages and bags of icing sugar are entirely mechanized, up to the preparation of the pallet.

The Legs: The Logistics

La Granda Zuccheri is appreciated by customers for its punctual and flexible services offered thanks to its internal Logistics structure: Granda Itinera s.r.l. is the company of the Rinaudo Group dealing with transport.
We provide with sugar all kind of activities: from the small bar to the multinational, confectionery companies, wholesalers, artisan companies, coffee roasting companies, and also pharmaceutical and non-food industries.


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